Jump Start Your Life – Take The 100 Day Challenge – An Action Plan That Will Supercharge Success

Success does not look exactly the same to every person. It comes in many forms, and what is success to one may not mean anything to someone else. No matter what success looks like for you, you can experience it.

Are you on the road to success? If not, you really need to find that road.

Success does not look exactly the same to every person. It comes in many forms, and what is success to one may not mean anything to someone else. In spite of a different look, there are at least two elements of success that are identical for everyone who experiences it. First, success is a goal that is worthy of pursuit. The second part of success is that it is not usually easy. It takes work.

You have heard it said, “Where there is a will, there is a way.” This is true of success. There is a way, no matter what your current circumstances are. There are many hints and suggestions that will help you to get there. Listed here are 5 really helpful tips that will assist you to join the ranks of successful people.

1. Start off by centering on a goal you like

If this is your first endeavor in self-improvement/success, it is even more relevant that you start with something you already have an interest in. You can increase your chances for success exponentially if you have a passion for what you are working toward. Get together with some friends or your spouse and brainstorm about your areas of interest. Make sure it is someone who shares your desire for success. List all your skills and interests on a sheet of paper or a computer document. Don’t leave anything out, even if it does not seem relevant. For instance, if you are good at making animal balloons, write it down… you never know where the inspiration will come from. Don’t limit yourself here, because you never know what idea will spring forth from a crazy whim. Then go through your list and narrow it down to the one or two things you are most passionate about that can become a career choice.

2. Develop a Plan

A plan is essential because it is a blueprint of your path to success. Do you think a contractor would start building a house or an office building without a plan? Neither should you begin your journey to success without a roadmap of how to get there.

Your plan can be pretty sketchy to start out, but you should hone and develop it until you have every facet covered. It needs to have goals for each step of the process, including dates for completion. You also need to write down what you will need to accomplish each step in terms of materials or education. If you know people who can help you along the way, write down their names. Make sure your plan is complete. Leave nothing to the imagination at this point.

Get a calendar at the office supply store and dedicate it for just keeping a record of your goal accomplishments. Write in it daily. It will be very helpful to see how you moved forward. As you look at the progress, that is also helpful to keep you moving forward.

3. Change your Circumstances

Zig Ziglar said this time and time again, “If you keep on doing what your doing, you will keep on getting what you got.”

It’s crazy to think you can keep doing the same thing over and over the same way and expect different results. You have a basic choice. You can accept your position in life or you can choose to change it. It may not seem like you have a choice on some days, but you do. Even if the choice is how you react to what is happening. You can effect a change in your life by changing your thoughts. Thoughts are powerful. Don’t allow those circumstances to keep you where you are. It does not have to be something huge, but you have the power to change something. Taking this positive step will eventually lead to your success. Don’t ever forget that you have the same power in you as anyone else. We all start every day with a clean slate. What will you write on yours?

4. Your Attitude is far more important than your Aptitude

The great thing about attitude is that you are in control. No one can affect your attitude unless you give them permission. You are in control of you attitude, even if you are not well educated or wealthy. Your positive, determined attitude will open the doors to success.

5. Develop a Passion for Education

You don’t have to be a student in school to continue your education. Every day should be a learning experience, even if you learn something that did not work. Most people know that Thomas Edison failed many times when trying to invent a light bulb. But he did not consider it failure. He said, “I did not fail 10,000 times, I merely discovered 10,000 ways that did not work.” Now, that is passion and determination. Learning from your mistakes is a valuable kind of education. Don’t dismiss it as failure. Keep your path toward success in focusFeature Articles, learning what works and what doesn’t as you go.

Success seems to come easy for some and never come for others. What do you want in life? Is success you goal? Then go for it.

The 100-Day Challenge breeds successful individuals in five ways:

1. Provide focus on something you are passionate about

2. Develop a plan

3. Change circumstances

4. Develop an attitude for success

5. Provides education that breeds success.


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